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Become An SEO Expert​

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training course covers everything you need to know about search engine optimization. You will learn the key elements for creating and implementing SEO strategies that work and identify opportunities to improve a website’s traffic and rank.


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09h 57m 17s

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66 lessons, 18 topics

SEO Course: What's Included

Technical SEO

How to ensure that search engines crawl & index your site right. From user experience to structured data markup, and Google Search Console & boost PageSpeed scores.

On-Page SEO

Learn page & content optimization for different pages & content to get higher rankings on the first Search Engine Results Page for your target keywords.

Local SEO

How to optimize a website for local searches. Learn how to rank a local business for "near me" and other location-based search parameters for local SEO

Link Building & Brand Mentions

Learn how to create and execute successful link building campaigns to get quality backlinks that make a difference. Create powerful link building strategies. See how to gain citations of your brand name and turn that into ranking power.

SEO Audit and Strategy

The training courses guide you on building powerful SEO strategies. Also, see how to create an informed content strategy that makes a difference. You'll also learn how to do an in-depth SEO audit. Free audit template for SEO checklist to follow.

Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research

Research your competitors, uncover their SEO strategies & reverse-engineer them. Discover the right way to do & implement keyword research to achieve high search engine rankings.

Core Web Vitals

Learn how to optimize core web vitals with this search engine optimization course. We will show you how to improve your loading time, interactivity & page stability.

International SEO

The SEO course covers international SEO so you can optimize the website of multi-national companies and those that target different countries & languages.

SEO Checklist

You will get an SEO checklist categorized in sections with tasks to guide you through providing an SEO service or performing SEO on your own website.

Content Marketing

Convert clicks even as you show up in featured snippets. This covers content creation for conversion (clicks, shares, etc.).

Image Optimization

The SEO course also covers optimizing images on a website for Google Image and web search to boost online visibility.

SEO Tools

You will discover and see in action the right SEO tools to use to achieve your SEO goals, get improved rankings, site structure, etc.

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Why Take The Market Ardent SEO Course?

With this online training, you'll learn how to SEO. Uncover everything you need to implement scalable SEO campaigns and improve ranking placement on search result pages. It is the same proven process that we have used to increase the search engine traffic of a client's e-commerce blog to over 190k visits per month.

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Tested and Proven SEO Guide

Learn to SEO, find out the processes that have helped hundreds of students. The methods taught in the course are proven to get results, consistently.

Bite-sized Actionable Video Tutorials

Our SEO training modules comprise of short videos with step-by-step instructions to enable you to understand everything you need to about SEO on different platforms, including WordPress & Shopify.

Downloadables (PDFs, Docs, etc.)

The course material comes with video lessons and downloadables attached to the lessons to provide more insights, & some free templates (e.g. technical SEO audit, checklist, email templates, & more)

Regular Updates

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. The course is updated frequently to be up to date with the best practices in the SEO industry & Google algorithm updates. Buy now & get updates for FREE.

Affordable Pricing

Unlike other SEO courses that cost thousands of dollars, our courses are affordable without sacrificing quality.

A Community of Coaches & Experts

Our private community helps with ongoing help, support and consulting. You will get direct access to experienced SEO specialists and managers.

Who's a Good Fit for the SEO Course?

Our search engine optimization course is majorly for two sets of people. One is an entrepreneur, regardless of niche or skill level. The second is people looking to pursue SEO as a career or add it to their skill-set. To enjoy this SEO course, you don’t need to have prior knowledge of any technical stuff (yes, even if you’re new to SEO or even Google analytics or a stranger). You’ll find that the training videos go into detail to explain every nitty-gritty.

Enrol If You Fit In Any Of These

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a certificate from Market Ardent

Get the SEO Blueprint and Certificate

Whether you are looking to learn search engine optimization online for your business or career, you will reap immense benefit from this SEO course. You will uncover SEO secrets and process to optimize websites successfully.

There is a course certificate. On completion of the online learning and required tests, you will earn an SEO certificate to demonstrate and prove your SEO knowledge, expertise and skills.

Trusted By More Than 300 Students

I just finished the content writing course and honestly, it was great. I learnt so much.
Oghenekome Okumo Emeada
It's was great experience learning how to create Google ads with you guys. I planned taking a course on SEO soon. Thanks for your assistance on the Google ads course.
Olamilekan Olusegun
Great courses, nice and professional support. I have taken the SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads course. Love all three. Best explanation I have gotten from all the other courses I have tried.
April Shell
Cape Town, South Africa
I noticed an improvement on my website before the end of the SEO course. The course is easy to follow and they broke down technical issues into simple terminology. I enjoyed the course.
Nonso Okoroafor
Lagos, Nigeria

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