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At Market Ardent, we implement proven SEO strategies tailored to your business, unlocking your business potential and taking it to its peak.
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Chose Productive SEO Service That Will Improve Your ROI.

For long-term results with valuable return on investment, there are several reasons why you should choose us as your SEO provider.

Satisfactory record of excellent performance

We have proven track records. That is why we keep getting referrals. We have over a hundred clients across the globe. Our clients include Indeed, Cosmic Cacao, and Eliezer Group.

Foot Traffic

We usually optimize ‘google my business profile’ and build links and citations so potential clients within your location can find you. The goal is to target “near me” searches to increase foot traffic to your business location.

International SEO

Proof that your business is growing is when it enters the international market. When that happens, you must upgrade your content to suit the global market. Our staffs are specialists in international SEO. Irrespective of your location or language, we can help you get potential clients from anywhere in the world.

Our Client's Needs Are Our Priority.

Our experienced SEO agents listen to our client’s needs regarding goals and objectives and ensure that we act accordingly. We do not implement a general approach. We implement strategies tailored to your business, ensuring your target audience is engaged.

Continuously Monitoring Campaigns

We have adequate SEO agents across the globe working for us. Our dedicated SEO specialists are assigned to each client, continuously monitoring keyword performance, industry trends, and competitors. We also adjust to changes in algorithms. This approach enables us to improve your campaign for outstanding results.

Impacting Your Bottom Line from the Beginning

Our goal from the beginning is to ensure that your website ranks higher than it was on SERP. To achieve this, we immediately start with keyword optimisation. We integrate SEO with content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation and more. We positively impact your bottom line by ensuring that we improve your return on investment.

Detailed Key Performance Indicators

We hate to put our clients in the dark. We give our clients detailed key performance indicators (KPIs). The detailed reports let our clients know the progress and how to make better decisions to move forward at every strategic level. We give monthly and weekly reports, ensuring you know the changes made to improve your SEO.

Proven SEO Approach and Services

Our SEO approach comprises keyword optimisation, technical SEO, content optimisation,  link building and more to improve organic search engine rankings.

Keyword Optimisation

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. At Market Ardent, we always consider the keywords our clients are interested in. We also evaluate the keywords used by your competitors. All these pieces of information will help us generate keywords assigned to your web to optimise it for search.

Technical SEO

To improve your website performance, we examine your site for speed and create an SEO-friendly site structure. We audit your site to eradicate errors in your SEO and fix them. We ensure that search engines can crawl your website and that it is well-indexed. Rest assured that at Market Ardent, your website gets maximum performance.

SEO Content Optimisation

We are dedicated to creating quality content that answers every question the target market might have about the topic. We ensure every content published on your website is well optimised, the best for the topic, and speaks to your target audience.

Off-page - Link Building & PR

We have experience when it comes to link building and PR outreach. We have worked with several clients in varying industries to connect with media partners as well as leverage industry news and opinions to gain awareness and backlinks.

Are You Seeing Positive Results From Your SEO?

Well, if you do are not seeing positive results in your SEO efforts, let’s help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process to ensure your website is visible enough for potential clients to see you.

The right time is now. Whether a start-up or an already existing business, you need SEO to get potential clients. When launching or redesigning a website, you have to incorporate SEO strategies. Also, to improve organic traffic, you will need an SEO service.

SEO is essential because it makes your website more visible, which means more traffic and sales/leads

Are You Seeing Positive Results From Your SEO?

Well, if you do are not seeing positive results in your SEO efforts, let’s help you.